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Genesis Safaris began over 20 years ago with friends of mine hearing the stories of my adventures abroad and seeing the pictures and videos when I returned. Many of them expressed a desire to come along on the next trip, and I soon found myself organizing their adventures along with mine.

Since then the circle of individuals and groups that have taken advantage of my consulting services has broadened considerably and grown into the endeavor that it is today.

It has been my experience that many people hesitate to take the trips abroad that they have always wanted to take because they don’t have anyone that they can trust for advice; especially first-time adventurers. As a result, at Genesis Safaris I have endeavored to take the uncertainty out of the equation to the greatest degree possible.

At Genesis Safaris we offer assistance at every phase of the trip, from travel arrangements to safari bookings to the transport of trophies home and even taxidermy services for hunters. We are not concerned with a high volume of clients, but instead concern ourselves with tailoring the adventure to the specific needs and desires of each person or group. We only work with outfitters that share the same philosophy.

All of our consulting services are free to you, so if you would like to take advantage of our experience and contacts, we would be happy to serve you.

-Chip Johnston


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