Wing Shooting

Wing Shooting

Wing Shooting

We have an incredible arrangement of Wing Shooting opportunities in Argentina. Hunts for doves are guaranteed to be excellent at any time of the year considering that several species are native to the area.

The Santa Fe area of Argentina is overwhelmed with millions of doves, so the hunts are sure to be action packed. Duck hunting is also conducted in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina, which is arguably the best habitat in the world for waterfowl. Vast numbers of ducks inhabit this area with around 15 native species in the area. Fishing for Dorado and Surubi is also an option on the Parana River located a short drive away.

The program we recommend is 5 full days, with the first day being high volume dove hunting. The next 3 days involve morning duck hunts and afternoons for either fishing or doves. The final day is a mix of partridge hunting and a mix of either dove or pigeon hunting. With the large number of activities available, and 5 star accommodations in the gorgeous lodge, an unforgettable experience is inevitable.

Please see [ Dove Hunts Argentina ] for more information.


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